The importance of conformity in a culture

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There were also no gender differences when participants were not under surveillance. They discovered that among participants that were 19 years or older, females conformed to group opinions more so than males when under surveillance i.

To take on a more global view of conformity, it is important to understand how cultural differences between different civilizations impact the ways in which the people of those cultures will be affected by conformity. When an individual finds themselves in a position where they publicly agree with the group's decision yet privately disagrees with the group's consensus, they are experiencing compliance or acquiescence.

An experiment using procedures similar to Asch's found that there was significantly less conformity in six-person groups of friends as compared to six-person groups of strangers. One variation of this experiment Asch performed was adding and subtracting people.

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The composition of the group plays a role in conformity as well. The experiment was modified to examine this question. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 77, — Asch also determined the two types of group influence.

Why do people conform

Explain the concept of psychological reactance and describe how and when it might occur. There was an error. Instead of having eight confederates supply false responses to the test subject, the subject was presented with a sheet of paper with 9 lines on it, and was asked to match the top line with one of the lower lines by length. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Figure 6. One group was told that their input was very important and would be used by the legal community. The development of attitude strength over the life cycle: Surge and decline. Bond, R. Some other definitions include: "Conformity is the most general concept and refers to any change in behavior caused by another person or group; the individual acted in some way because of influence from others. Stereotype reactance at the bargaining table: The effect of stereotype activation and power on claiming and creating value. He also wanted to see if they would conform more in normative influence tests than in informational influence tests. The results of this experiment showed that Indian participants were far more inclined to conform then American participants. Age[ edit ] Research has noted age differences in conformity. On average, Nyquist, L.

It seems as if people who were given strong pressures to not engage in the behavior were more likely to react against those directives than were people who were given a weaker message. A group's strength is how important the group is to a person.

Suppose, for example, you go with friends to see a film. They were asked to choose a line that matched the length of one of three different lines. Impact of Collectivism vs.

Conformity in sociology

Immediacy is how close the group is in time and space when the influence is taking place. There are some small gender differences in conformity. He studied two cultures and saw how subjects from each would respond differently to tasks involving conformity. Journal of Applied Psychology, 53, —; Miron, A. And men are more likely to be leaders in most cultures. One difficulty for women as they attempt to lead is that traditional leadership behaviors, such as showing independence and exerting power over others, conflict with the expected social roles for women. Sometimes we are aware of our behavior, but in many cases, it happens without much thought or awareness on our parts. Secondly, a nonconformist could be displaying anticonformity or counterconformity which involves the taking of opinions that are opposite to what the group believes. Peer[ edit ] Some adolescents gain acceptance and recognition from their peers by conformity. In the same way that gender has been viewed as corresponding to status, age has also been argued to have status implications. Barry studied two different cultures and noted significant differences between them, and then tested each culture the same way to measure their respective levels of conformity.
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