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This is because the use of strengths makes people feel authentic and efficacious and these positive psychological states fuel work engagement [ 34 ]. Even more so, the experience of a lack of meaningful work has been linked to negative outcomes like increased cynicism [ 27 , 23 ]. How employees perceive their work is an important predictor of how they behave at work [ 36 ]. For example, meaningful work has been associated with organizational citizenship behaviors, which are behaviors that go beyond formal role requirements e. All for free. A growing body of research links meaningful work to employee well-being and performance [ 6 , 7 ], and meaningless work to disengagement and alienation [ 8 , 9 ]. In meetings, expect employees to be engaged. Adding to this growing body of research, this study examined the complex linkage between meaningful work and performance.

This cognitive assessment of the work environment—that is the experience of the work as meaningful—thus might also determine whether or not employees are motivated to use their strengths at work. The main theoretical, practical, and methodological implications of the results are discussed.

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This means that the subjective perception of organizational support determines whether or not the employee actually uses and capitalizes his or her personal strengths at work. In other words, when employees feel that they do meaningful work, they feel connected with their work and with the outcomes of their work.

All things considered, we propose and test a model that links meaningful work with performance among employees working at an organization for health technology see Fig 1.

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Recognize empowered employees. Another important limitation of the study is the exclusion of variables mentioned in the literature.

For this reason, we expect that the positive relation between meaningful and performance is mediated by work engagement.

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