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Its pervasiveness may be gauged from the fact that we are always communicating in some form at any given moment of our life. Communication is as pervasive and ubiquitous as the very air we breathe.

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To what extent is the newspaper reading culture prominent among Nigerians? It would thus be interesting to investigate newspaper readership among Nigerians.

The percentage of Americans who skip the news entirely on a typical day has not declined since the s.

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This may imply they do so before beginning the days activities. Transformational changes in American society are also forcing dramatic changes in the way newspapers do businessand research. The Ziregbe study also revealed that the Front-page news of any newspaper has the highest percentage of readership among readers. Cross-device digital usage Digital readership has more than doubled since see Figure 3. But the growth of the online news audience has slowed considerably since , particularly among the very young, who are now somewhat less likely to go online for news than are people in their 40s. The famous Bernard Berelson study revealed some key reasons why people read newspapers. Data collected through the questionnaire items were analysed using the frequency method. But interest in international news and news about the situation in Iraq has declined since the spring of Research findings referred to above seem to indicate otherwise. Communication is as pervasive and ubiquitous as the very air we breathe. Fayemi confirms this as well when he found out male students of the University of Lagos read newspapers more than their female counterparts, and he believes this is because females would rather buy dresses and shoes than buy newspapers. The US Census Bureau reveals that the population of newspaper readers declined from a figure of

What items do Nigerians read most in these newspapers? Boomers' concerns such as parenting and personal finance already have emerged as popular interests in readership studies.

online news readership statistics in india

Sincenearly all of the growth among regular internet news users has occurred among those ages

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