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Sula mirrors this by beginning and ending in the same time period, creating a chronological cycle instead of a linear passing of time. There is a clear social stratification between whites and blacks in the segregated Ohio community.

Only later did they discover that the land the Bottom was in fact infertile and intemperate. Nor does the story consist of plot elements in traditional order: explication, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

Even at the most recent point in the novel, blacks remain under the control of whites. The nephew discovers that Steppenwolf is a man divided by his fascination with bourgeois society and his inability to live in it.

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Morrison chooses to introduce the mainly black community in the Bottom through the point of view of a white outsider. Summary: Letter 4 In the fourth letter, the ship stalls between huge sheets of ice, and Walton and his men spot a sledge guided by a gigantic creature about half a mile away.

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Sula Preface Summary and Analysis